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A migraine is one of the most unbearable conditions caused mainly by neurological disorders. The symptoms experienced include high sensitivity to sound and light, pain at the centre of the head and vomiting. There are several treatments available to treat this health condition. Here are some of the most effective home remedies for a migraine.

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Ice packs are very effective in treating a migraine. You need to take few cubes in the pack and place the cubes on the headache area. It is effective because it has anti-inflammatory qualities that provide relief from the pain. You can also relieve the pain by use of other cold item packs instead of using the ice cubes.

Take more of vitamin B

A migraine is a neurological disorder that might occur as a result of lack of enough vitamin B in the body. Therefore, you can treat the problem at home by taking vitamin B supplements that will provide relief from the pain. You can add food rich in vitamin B in your diet plan. This is a great way to have a permanent solution to migraines.

Peppermint oil

You can relieve a migraine by placing a drop of peppermint oil on your tongue and another few drops on your head. The oil has anti-inflammatory characteristics that offer the relief from the migraines.

Relaxation techniques

There are several relaxation techniques you can apply to treat a migraine. Such relaxation techniques include meditation, massage or staying away from pollution areas and noise. Gentle massage on your head makes the blood flow normally and enhance blood circulation leading to migraine relief. Meditation and yoga are the best relaxation techniques when it comes to treatment of a migraine because they help reduce the stress that might cause a migraine.


A migraine might be triggered by impairment of the digestive ability of your body. Ginger has digestive properties that help relieve a migraine. All you need to do is to crush a little fresh ginger and boil it in some water in order to boost the killing power of the volatile oils contained in fresh ginger. Filter the mixture and drink when it is still warm. It helps in reducing the intensity of a migraine.

Green tea

Green tea is rich in antioxidants that act as a perfect remedy for migraines. You need to brew green tea and squeeze the juice of half a lemon and drink the mixture when warm.

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