Best Methods of Hair Removal

Many people, especially women, search for different methods of hair removal to remove unwanted hair from various parts of their body including chin, lips, back, cheeks, fingers, legs, toes, and feet. There are various methods to get rid of their unwanted hair like epilation. Read awesome epilator reviews to know more about epilation. Brief information about some of the popularly used methods to remove unwanted hair is provided here under for your consideration.

Popular hair removal methods


This is one of the ways of removing unwanted hair using an electric device called an epilator. An epilator removesĀ hair from the root and its one of the most long-lasting methods.


It is one of the best methods to remove hair from the face, legs and arms. But it can cause ingrown hair, especially in the pubic region.


Though plucking or tweezing unwanted hair is also a good option to remove them but it is a bit painful. People normally use this method to remove fewer hairs especially while pulling out some of the stray hair on their face as well as shaping their eyebrows.

But you should avoid this method if you have to remove hairs from the larger part of your body as it can cause scars or ingrown hairs which can make your skin look uglier.

Depilatory creams

Many OTC depilatory creams are also considered as one of the best methods of hair removal as you need not have a prescription to get them. But while purchasing them, you should read their label as all of them are not same. The creams made for removing facial hairs cannot be used to remove pubic hairs.

Chemicals in these creams dissolve the shaft of the hair to remove them. They can burn your skin if applied improperly. You should avoid these creams if you have sensitive skin to allergies.

Hot waxingfsfsdfsds

It is another method to remove unwanted hair at home or salon. But it is not considered as a perfect hair removal method as some of them may break up or left behind during this painful process. The hot wax used in it can also burn or pull off your skin. It also increases the risk of infection. So it should be used very carefully.


All the methods of hair removal discussed above offer temporary results as hair can grow again on those body parts. If you want a permanent solution for your unwanted hair, then laser hair removal is the best option for you.

But sometimes it makes hair lighter and finer along with of reducing their amount. Though it causes very slight pain it is not affordable by all due to its higher cost.

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