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Watching Movies Online Vs DVDs/Cinema Hall Movies

Traditionally watching movies was done in cinema halls or at home on a TV. You had to part with a substantial amount of money to watch a recent movie in the theaters. Buying the movie for yourself was, even more, expensive. And even today it is not that cheap to buy a DVD movie for the latest movie. The only option and the best is watching the movies online using your mobile phone or tablet. You can do this with ShowBox movie android app, which is an app used for in mobile devices with the Android operating system. Below are benefits that come with watching movies online on Showbox

Why Choose Showbox

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With your tablet or mobile phone, all you need to watch a movie anywhere is the Showbox app. The Showbox app is available online. The app cannot be found in google play but their site. Once installed in your device all movies are a tab away. It does not matter where you want to watch the movie from. All that matters is if the app is installed in your mobile phone and if you can access the internet at that time.
For DVDs and other traditional ways of watching movies, you need to spare specific time to watch a movie. That is why most people used to watch movies during weekends. That is the only period you could get enough time to watch movies.

The cost

The cost of watching movies online on Showbox is free. You pay nothing to watch movies online if you can have access to reliable internet. This includes all movies, even the most recent. But for traditional ways of watching movies, the cost is high. As stated earlier on you will have to spend money on a cinema or in buying a DVD to watch at home. In most of the cases, it is very expensive to watch a movie.

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Since you watch the movies online, it is not necessary for big space on your computer or mobile device. All you need is enough room to download and install Showbox. And then you can watch all the movies that you want. There is also no need to worry on how to save the DVDs carrying movies to avoid damage. This is because you don’t have to store a movie to watch it.