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Terraria 1.3 Review

It is time to secure your territory and give a call to Area 51 when aliens invade you. Terraria 1.3 is just a few months old. The developers brought out a lot of content. The new release comes with all the things you want from the useful interface to new content. To discuss only the things about this game, it would fill up the entire blog post. You need to know that new features and content has been added to make lives easier for every fan.

New features

Mac and Linux

If you are a person who does everything on a Mac, yougt3637u7at4r3y3h73ur heart will go to Re-Logic. They have made accessibility to this game easy thanks to steam integrated multiplayer. Before setting up a server, fight firewalls, connect via IPS, you get some loops to jump through. You only need to click right a friend and click join game. Kids are finding this to be quite easy nowadays.

Improved NPCs

Do not just stop at multiplayer, there are enhanced sprite animations, chest systems, and organized inventory. These are some of the changes that come with Terraria 1.3 update. All these improvements done by the developer are meant to improve an already polished game.


I believe someone in Re-Logic may have been abducted as a kid. This is because they task you to kill several aliens in this game. The biggest additions include Lunar Event and Martian Madness invasions. There are other invasions such as Goblin Invasions or Pirate. In this case, you are assaulted by different creatures. You will find the Lunar event more straightforward. It is Terraria’s end game.


You will find some fights quite difficult. If you are utterly and dt36ys5gt33hu7j3ik383completely humiliated, you need to get back to drawing board. This makes Terraria an incredible game as you can craft strategies.

Terraria 1.3 Update

Usually known as 1.3 is a significant upgrade, which adds lots of new characters and items. There are important new events and bosses and brand new Expert mode that makes the game tough even for die-hard fans. There are several considerable changes to game’s interface and mechanics. Various elements have been adjusted for game flow and balance. These updates were meant to make the game better. In fact, it includes about 800 new items. As a player, you need to discover these things.